This is truly an amazing time to be an indie musician.  It used to be that a singer-songwriter like me had to be discovered by a label.  Now, we can pave our own roads as artists and build careers for ourselves that work with our lives, circumstances, personalities, unique talents and visions.  There are so many possibilities! 

I have learned through the many twists and turns of my life that music is a part of me that has to be voiced.  It is vital part of who I am.  It isn’t something to do for fun when I can, it is something that feeds my soul, gives me purpose, and keeps me sane. 

Everything you see and hear related to my musical pursuits; my songs, poetry, my online presence, and any other creative accomplishments are the accumulation of years of hard work, practice, learning through mistakes, re-writing stuff till I’m blue in the face, falling down, getting up, getting discouraged, refueling my outlook, dusting myself off and repeating again and again.

If my music resonates with you, brings you joy, makes you cry, inspires you, or whatever, please consider supporting me.

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Thank you for your time, love, support and encouragement. I am so grateful for all of it.