I song I wrote while chasing sleep and a toddler

When I think of my song "Chase the Rain", I think more about a time of life than a song; the time I became a new mom and took a dive into a whole new ocean of pandemonium, one full of all the worries, tears, laughter, hopes, dreams, and challenges that accompany parenting.  “Chase the Rain” is one of only a handful of songs I wrote while braving the newborn/toddler frontier of my first born.  While the song isn't specifically about being a mom, it is about hopes, dreams, finding love, reinventing yourself and living your best life, so for me it not only has a lot of my own personal spirit within it but also what lives at the heart of what a parent wants for their kids.  It is a song that is the wish you think of when you blow out the candles and the gentle prayer you whisper when you blow the dandelion’s seeds to the wind; one of simple hopes and carefree dreaming. Looking back at the blur of exhausting days and sleepless love that is being a new mom, one of my favorite musical memories is when I would plop my son down in his little bouncy seat while I played piano and wrote songs, and he would sing with me in baby sounds of course.  

I can only remember bits and pieces of how this song had its own birth into the world.  I remember playing with chords.  I remember lyrics trickling in and being written and rewritten.  I remember many sheets of paper with words written and crossed out, re-worked sections and scribbled chords.  Messy, like being a mom.  I remember certain lyrical ideas starting out like large lumps of clay which I sculpted over time to form the final creation.  It took a while to write it amid motherhood chaos and was shelved for a time, but eventually I dusted it off and recorded it in at Morning Star Studios as the song you hear today.  So even though this song is rooted in a blurry chaotic time of my life, it stands out to me as particularly meaningful.  

The artwork I chose for this song was done by my younger son, who for quite some time, has been nurturing an obsession with rainbows.  When this piece of art came home from school in his backpack, I knew instantly that it would be the perfect match for this song.  

I love my boys and “Chase the Rain” is for them. 

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